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Deal Or No Deal game involves a player picking one out of 26 cases, then open the remaining cases to reveal varying amount of dollars. Every open case stands for money that the player won’t get, and the primary objective is to try and open low cases since after every round the Banker awards the player a specific amount of money to walk away. This game is among the few third-party games which offer Mii support. Every player selects certain Miis as their profile. Also, the game show contestant is a little digital person, and the characters in the games are designed from Mii-like fashions. Most of the time, the players deliberate about the offer from the Banker, or talk about supporting family members. Also, they spent a few minutes speaking to the contestant’s mom or sister, who informs the contestant how argent they need the money. To get the entire experience, you only need to play Deal Or No Deal game once.

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